Talks for ICEGov

I'm looking forward to later this month at the big ICEGOV conference in Albany, most likely on the following topics:

1) The Civic Technology Ecosystem in the US: Startups, NGOs, and Government: 2011 has been a banner year for the "civic software ecosystem" in the United States.  Leading NGOs such as Code for America and OpenPlans are maturing and driving open-source software innovation into governments ranging from small towns to the US Pentagon, using processes ranging from hackathons to large enterprise vendor contracts.  New NGOs such as DataKind are mainstreaming open data science.  And a burgeoning community of entrepreneurs are building startup technology companies that both leverage government open data and also increasingly serve governments as a new more nimble class of government technology vendors.  This talk will survey the civic technology ecosystem in the USA today, and present a vision for its future.
2) The launch of in 2009 has fostered a cascade of other governments following suit, on every continent, and increasingly at the local municipal level.  Meanwhile, itself is being redesigned to be more effective, and the state of the art of open government data publishing is evolving rapidly.   The software that drives these websites is rapidly evolving as well, with the venture-capital backed company Socrata leading the US market, the open-source CKAN platform leading the European market, and more recently the US and Indian governments investing in a new open-source "Open Government Platform."  This talk will survey the current lanscape of open data publishing software currently in use, and will forecast the future, with the goal of helping government stakeholders to better understand how to affordably make their data discoverable and useful.

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