New Amsterdam Ideas works strategically with other organizations and the open source software community on projects that expand transparency, government efficiency and public participation.

Nuams' strategic partner Rayogram, is a 17 year-old New York City based creative services and interactive strategy studio, specializing in design, deployment and support of content management and constituent data management web applications. In addition to frequent successful collaborations with Nuams as both client and vendor, Rayogram’s portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, universities, global non-profits and NGOs, including Standard & Poors, Columbia University, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Clean Economy Network.

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Nuams' strategic partner, Warecorp is a Minneapolis-based software and web services consulting company providing the highest level of technical expertise at manageable cost through an offshore development centers in Minsk, Belarus. In addition to frequent successful collaborations with Nuams, Warecorp’s portfolio includes leading social ventures, non-profits, and progressive organizations including,, CVS Minute Clinic, and The Uptake.

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CKAN is open-source software developed by the non-profit, Open Knowledge Foundation, in 2007 to run the Data Hub, a public registry of open datasets. It provides a powerful database for cataloging and storing datasets, with an intuitive web front-end and API. The core functionality can be flexibly extended with the features including social integration and Google Analytics. By providing a streamlined way of making data searchible, data is more easily discovered and presented. An active developer and user community is managing data using CKAN, including the UK, Dutch and Norwegian governments. 

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Drupal is an open-source free software package for website development that features thousands of add-on modules for adding custom functionality. The software is maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and developers. The Nuams team has contributed to Drupal through our work in organizations ranging from CivicSpace Labs to NASA to the New York State Senate. Nuams' development process reflects our familiarity with the Drupal ecosystem and our commitment to collaborative open-source software development. We are committed to sharing code whenever possible and to following best practices for Drupal development and documentation.

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CiviCRM is an open-source free software constituent relationship management (CRM) solution that is designed specifically to meet the needs of public sector organizations. Integration with Drupal gives users the tools to connect, communicate and activate constituents. Nuams' team was part of the initial brainstorms about CiviCRM back in 2005 in San Francisco before there was a line of code written. In 2010, we became a CiviCRM client, shepherding one of the largest ever implementations of CiviCRM in the world (over 15 million records), for the New York State Senate. Today, Nuams, in collaboration with our partner Rayogram, works on a variety of CiviCRM implementations for government.

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Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system. Nuams' founders have been recognized by Acquia for our leading work in the Drupal community, and Nuams leverages Acquia’s services to provide reliable managed Drupal website hosting for our clients.

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