The History and Future of New Amsterdam Ideas

Headquartered in New York City, New Amsterdam Ideas was created by the team that radically overhauled one of the United States' most notoriously ineffective public sector institutions—the New York State Senate. We led the “Open Senate” initiative, applying open-source collaboratively built software platforms, information standards, and culture to transform the Senate into arguably the most transparent and participatory legislature in the United States in less than two years. In the process, we reduced the Senate's technology expenditures (including purchases and staff) by more than $1 million annually (more than 10%) relative to ten years of historical baseline budgets.

Our team was honored for this work with three Best of New York Awards by GovTech Magazine, and Chief Information Officer, Andrew Hoppin, was named New York State's 2010 Public Sector CIO of the Year, and was named to the 2011 "Information Week 50." Members of our team were frequently invited and keynote speakers at national technology events such as Drupalcon (keynote), SxSW, Gov 2.0 Expo, the Personal Democracy Forum, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Lecture Series, and many more.

After completing an appointed two-year term at the Senate, Andrew, with Sheldon Rampton, formerly the lead engineer for the Senate's open-source web technologies, and Noel Hidalgo, formerly the Senate's lead technologist for innovation, elected to co-found New Amsterdam Ideas in order to be able to bring their skills and experience to bear for a broader range of other public sector and non-profit institutions.

The partners work with an extended network of collaborators with interest and proven success in the open-source collaborative software development community. 

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  • Sheldon Rampton

    Nuams' co-founder and CTO, Sheldon Rampton, previously served as the Senior Web Developer at the New York State Senate, where his responsibilities included...

  • Nuams' co-founder and CEO, Andrew Hoppin previously served as Chief Information Officer of the New York State Senate from January 2009-January 2011. There, he led the successful effort to deploy...

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