NuData DKAN on Microsoft Azure
posted on: 01/09/2014 | authored by: Jim Craner

DKAN has now been made available in the Windows Azure App Gallery -- now Azure users are just a few clicks away from their own DKAN instance!  In this blog post, we'll show you just how easy it is to get a new DKAN site up and running on the Azure cloud infrastructure.


Screenshot of DKAN on Azure
posted on: 12/17/2013 | authored by: Jim Craner

Every day, more agencies at the local, state and federal levels are embracing open data by publishing data sets for use by citizens, businesses, journalists, researchers and others.

posted on: 07/23/2013 | authored by: Sheldon Rampton

This weekend I released version 1.0 of my Entity Fields Builder (EFB) module for Drupal, which is intended to make it easier to build custom content types and other fieldable entities in Drupal. I've also created a new YouTube video demonstrating how EFB works and explaining how it can make Drupal site builder easier and improve search engine optimization at the same time.

posted on: 03/29/2013 | authored by: Aaron Couch

Drupal is exploding in government. The value that Drupal core and its huge ecosystem of contributed modules offer government is of course at the heart of this increase in adoption. However a number of distributions targeted toward governemnt including OpenPublic in the US, WET in Canada, and aGov in Australia are leveraging building blocks of functionality into powerful systems that meet many government specific use cases.